So what exactly do we do?

We help people get out of a place of feeling stuck and moving forward. That may sound a bit vague, so let us explain a bit more.

The people we are best at helping fall into a few different categories:

1) Fired FINRA Reps

We know a thing or two about this. After spending nearly 20 years representing the little guy vs. Wall Street, we learned that it takes more than just the right lawyer to survive getting fired from a firm - it takes a lot of mindset shifting and re-focus to be able to thrive on the other side. You'll be better off in your next place. I know you will.  

2) Women small business owners just starting out or looking to scale 

We have worked with many new (and experienced) business owners over the years and shown them what their possibilities are - when they couldn't see them for themselves. If you're looking to connect with some other women entrepreneurs and get some guidance on a variety of topics, check out our affordable weekly group call program.

3) People in conflict

This usually means lawsuits, divorces, unintended job changes. The emotional stuff can take over. It's hard to make decisions when your brain is in flight or fight mode. We take the emotional decibel level down and help you think more clearly, so you can make informed, rational decisions. If you are working with a lawyer, we can even translate legal-ese for you. 

George Bernard Shaw is credited with saying “Life isn’t about finding yourself [or a magical cure all online program]. Life is about creating yourself.”

So, in that context, think of us as the paintbrush dealer who enables you to start creating….

There are plenty of coaches out there, and we all have the ability to do some amazing work with you. Just pick the one that is right for you and start creating. Maybe it’s us, maybe it’s someone else. Just get moving and get started already.

If you want to explore whether we are a good fit for each other, reach out and book a call. You'll always get one free tip you can implement today to start you on your right path. We look forward to connecting with you. 

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